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Local Govt. Info. Model

Since the Local Government Information Model’s (LGIM) big announcement/unveiling at the 2011 User Conference my company has pushed head first in seeing how we can help clients across the company utilize the LGIM in their everyday workflow. Being at the front of the pack on a technology can lead to some bumps on the head and a couple scuffed knees. I hit my head a couple times learning to deploy the LGIM, but it is these learning opportunities that helped me to become a better Solutions Engineer.


Esri Dev. Talk Summer 2011

In June 2011 my talk on using python to reduce my workload as a Solutions Engineer was selected for Esri’s Developer Meetup in Washington DC. I had a lot of fun getting up there and talking about something I use every day to make my life easier. Here is a link to my presentation on slideshare –



During GIS Inc’s 2011 company meeting in Birmingham, AL I had to opportunity to give a lightning talk on using Python with ArcGIS. My focus was to introduce non-programmers, GIS Analysts, and GIS Techs to Python and the ArcPy library. Python and the ArcPy library has saved me a ton of time and I wanted pique others interest so they might also get as excited as I am about the technology.


The world looks a little different through the window of a bus. Three-mile trips to the store can quickly turn into multi-hour affairs filled with missed connections and half hour waits in the rain.

This poster aims to provide Gleaners with insight on how well they are providing service to patrons that utilize public transit via the Smart Bus system.

Mobile Web Mapping

As a recipient of the Spring 2010 GIS inc Research and Development award, I had the privilege to work on a solo project incorporating cutting edge technologies. During my brain storming process, I settled on probably the coolest segment of the development market at the moment: Mobile Applications.

Risk Game – Shelby County

I made this map for a cartographic challenge at my company, GISi. Unfortunately, I did not win the competition, but I did have a lot of fun making this map. ‘Continents’ were defined by economic zones within the county. These economic zones were determined by travel distance to the closest large town. This map is totally playable and even includes game cards. If you would like a sharper copy than the attached PNG, there is a 55MB pdf available.

Maryland CTP

The Consolidated Transportation Program is the six year capital budget for transportation projects in the state of Maryland.


Projected Road Development

This project will be utilized by the Maryland Department of Planning to determine the differential in new road development between the Smart Growth and Current Growth models of development for 2030.


Eurotopia (At War)

Spending every weekend searching job recruitment sites and applying to jobs on USAJOBS can take a lot out of a person. Unfortunately that means I have been neglecting my web projects.

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