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Road Density Analysis

This project was completed for the Maryland Department of Planning in the Winter of 2008-2009. Road density in this analysis was defined as square meter of road way per square meter of available land. 

Biodiversity Gradients

This project came about during an argument between a friend and I. After reading an article by Dr. M.J. McDonnell, I proclaimed that it was completely logical that species diversity would be higher in urban areas compared to rural. 

Natural Resources GDB

This project was completed as a final project for Geographic Information Systems Database Design. I created a geodatabase to contain geospatial information on the natural areas of the UMBC campus. This included the individual environmental areas, the trail network and designated points of interest along the trail. Also, this geodatabase contained a tree inventory and tree diversity analysis for the UMBC campus.


Baltimore Red Line

Public transportation and I are best buds. Unfortunately the public transportation network of Baltimore is limited to the north-south centric Light Rail, North by North-West Metro and unnavigable and frustratingly slow buses. What is missing is the ability to go east-west through the city on a single mode of transportation in a timely manor. The Baltimore Red Line is the Maryland Transportation Authorities solution to this predicament.



I produced this map of Antarctica as a final project for introductory cartography in the Spring of 2007.

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