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Web Development Updates

The time has come. I’m starting the process of converting my page over to Python instead of PHP. Since all my work lately, and for the foreseeable future, is in Python I thought it would be prudent to make the transition. It is such a hassle to re-remember PHP every time I want to modify something in the backend.

Updated Web Site

BmoreGeo 2.0 is now in action!!! The site is now running programmed in Python on top of the Django framework with a Postrgres backend. It was an adventure to get this thing off the ground, but I finally did it.

PDF Reports in Python

The past couple weeks at work have been pretty exciting. I’m doing some internal development for one of our GIS Support Teams. Creating Data Development reports is a pretty big part of they job and by pretty big I mean most annoying. These reports showed discrepancies in Primary Key – Foreign Key matches between the GIS data and an external data source.

Upgraded the Portfolio Section

Hooray I finally updated the Portfolio section. I was having some difficulty building a quick loading and good looking grid of images. I decided to scrap the whole grid idea and go with something a little flashier (oops! Javascript and CSSier :-)). Check it out here and tell me what you think!



I have been on a wild ride these past few months. First I started working for a new company GISi. and then moved to Baltimore City. Let’s just say Baltimore City is a lot more interesting than Harford County.


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