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Parsing KML and Programmatic Data Classification

I don’t have any maps to show for this at the moment, but I am pretty excited. Thanks to reading this post by the BJØRN SANDVIK at the Thematic Mapping Blog, I finally got around to creating my own ASKMLesqu function in PHP for MYSQL. If you read anything about exporting database data to KML

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3D Extrude

I have altered the formula so that elements with Z, M, and MZ values can now be parsed. I still have to figure out how google maps parses X,Y,M,Z values though. Also, I added in the ability to extrude an element from the function call. I still have to play around with these additions, but so far so good.

wkt 2 kml 20091105

Rocks State Park Map

This is my last weekend at Rocks State Park. As much as it will be nice to have weekends free, I am still pretty sad that the season is over. I have a lot of good memories from this summer.

So Busy

I am finally getting to the tail end of my road projections project for the Maryland Department of Planning! Unfortunately, because of this and the whole cover letter process, I am getting pretty burnt out on any other kinds of outside of work activities involving GIS.


WKT to KML now in 3d

Alright so I have not exactly tested this with 3d data, but I’m 95% certain it will work. I decided to preg_replace out the commas and spaces instead of preg_replacing the numerical values for lat and lon. This should allow for three values per each point (x,y and z). I am still learning regex, so please pardon the hack. It looks really ugly, but it works.


Road Projections

I have officially decided to go on a bit of a hiatus on the park map stuff for a while. I wish I had time to work on that project, submit job applications and work 40+ hours, and keep my sanity. Unfortunately, I do not. However, I did do some pretty cool stuff at work last week.


getGeo PHP code

Over the past couple weeks I have spent some time working on the Trail Maps for Rocks and Susquehanna State Parks. I noticed that there are some errors in the php code I posted a couple months ago with regards to parsing the elevation. In the very near future I will be modifying this code further to pull the elevation value from the database.



So you know when I said I would update next week and didn’t for the next two weeks. Yeah. Well, family came up for the fourth of July and I had to work a few extra days at Rocks State Park due to the holiday. The end result of these events was a slacking off on my mapping projects.



I’ve made a lot of progress in the last week with the implementation of a gis utilizing google maps as the front end and a mysql/php backend. It has taken a little work, but hopefully by next week I will have some running models on the site.


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