I finished uploading most of my projects into the projects section of the website. There will be some changes to the projects section in the next couple days to make it load a bit faster.

In other news, I am working on a couple fun projects. First, I will be developing a data resources section of the site. I have found over the years that data collection is probably the hardest part of most GIS projects. Unless of course you are the sucker making the data. I’ve found some pretty good resources over the years would love to share them with you and myself at a later date.

I am also trying to develop a better understanding of google maps / php / mysql / ajax development. Dynamic mapping is the future, or at least that is what most employers seam to be looking for. Regardless, google maps provides an excellent medium for cartographic display. I would like to figure out how to produce a web based geographic information system. This would involve connecting a map front-end (google maps) to a database (mysql) programatically with php and javascript.

The job search has officially official begun as I have finished my projects and resume sections on the site.

Thanks again for stopping by,

Christopher Fricke