This is my last weekend at Rocks State Park. As much as it will be nice to have weekends free, I am still pretty sad that the season is over. I have a lot of good memories from this summer.

As you may know if I have spoken with you in the past month, I am entering an Online Trail Map of Rocks State Park for the Maryland Park Service inter-park web content contest. It took a little longer than I had hoped, but it wasn’t outside of my original time line. Let’s just say I have learned a bunch of stuff about building something like this from the ground up:

  • You will receive your GPS unit in the mail one day after your scheduled day
  • Later summer weather in Maryland is crummy
  • Unbalanced quotation marks are a killer
  • Floats are great, but IE throws a fit sometimes

I turned in the project yesterday. I’m probably going to work on it off and on over the next couple weeks. I would like to add some Lightbox effects and sharpen up the UI.

So here is a link to the project on my web space[link]. Hopefully within the next 3 weeks I will have a link to the map on the Maryland Park Service web site.