I am finally getting to the tail end of my road projections project for the Maryland Department of Planning! Unfortunately, because of this and the whole cover letter process, I am getting pretty burnt out on any other kinds of outside of work activities involving GIS.

Anyway, because this is a bye week and this blog is about Baltimore I am going to post a friends mapping project about my fair city.

Lets face it. I love the Wire. It was by far the best TV show on the air between 2002 and 2008. Well, actually second best from 2004-2006 when Arrested Development was on Fox. Regardless it is undeniable that the Wire was an awesome show. It showcased the grittier side of Baltimore where drugs flow freely and politicians will do anything for a buck. Almost like real life, right? Or so the producers at HBO want you to believe.

The wire may have been an awesome show but in no way was it geographically accurate. A friend of mine Jon Sussman decided to map out quite a few of the set locations where the Wire was shot. Granted, this is not the prettiest of maps, but it is rather interesting.

Apparently the color of the marker represents a season.

  • The First Season – Blue
  • The Second Season – Green
  • The Third Season – Purple
  • The Fourth Season – Red
  • The Fifth Season – Magenta

Check out his page at Map Channel