It is a pretty happy day in these parts of the world (39°17?N 76°37?W). First and foremost, I accepted a position at Geographic Information Services, Inc.. I will be starting on November 30th. Pretty rad right?

So today will be my final day at the Maryland Department of Planning. I have learned quite a bit during my year with the department. Namely I have learned how to produce cartographic products in an efficient manor for analysis and inter-agency presentations. As my first real work place job, I also learned how to function in a cube city with lots of what my father called dermites (aka. State/Federal employees doing the daily grind). To be honest I am really happy to be leaving State Center. The view from the eleventh floor is wonderful, but the building is over fifty years old and I am pretty sure the bathrooms have not been updated since then.

Also, it is GIS day! Go out and make a map or make a cake!!!