The time has come. I’m starting the process of converting my page over to Python instead of PHP. Since all my work lately, and for the foreseeable future, is in Python I thought it would be prudent to make the transition. It is such a hassle to re-remember PHP every time I want to modify something in the backend.

However, it will be hard leaving wordpress. I really like this blogging engine. 🙁

I have decided on building out my new site with Web2Py. It is a toss-up between django and web2py. I chose Web2Py because it looked like it had a lower bar of entry.

So the new design is complete, I just need to code the sucker up. 😀

Finally in other news, I’m nearly done This is my girlfriends website for her upcoming pet sitting business. It still has some tweaks, but is near the finish line.

Hopefully next week I will be posting about a testing environment build of my new shindig.